My coke bottle design

Have you ever had a bad hair day and there was not a hairbrush anywhere? My coke bottle invention would help. But before you would want it, you would want to know why you make a hairbrush out of a coke bottle, why you would choose my invention over other coke bottle inventions, and the ups and downs of my coke bottle. I will tell you all of this.


So first you would want to know why you would recycle coke bottles in the first place. It’s because of the pollution issue. Thousands of bottles end up in the ocean every day. In a year that would be millions, and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That is threatening our marine life. That might not sound like an issue but it is.


So now ill tell you why you would choose my coke bottle over others. As I said earlier, we need to recycle because of how much plastic ends up in the ocean, but why would you choose my idea over others? Sure other people might have fancy ideas like spray bottles and soap pumps, but why would you choose mine? Well, my idea is convenient and multi-purpose as it helps the environment and your hair!


Now I will tell you the ups and downs of my invention. Let’s start with the ups. As I mentioned before, it helps the environment, it’s fast, helpful, multi-purpose, and a good idea! Now the downs are that it is a coke bottle so it wouldn’t be the most hygienic choice, it would be very flimsy, and for some people, it might be hard to handle


Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and now you know why you would choose my invention over other people’s invention. Now you might want to make a coke bottle invention too!


Below I will show you my design on Tinkercad

My Long House

Hello, I am Princesss kitkat and welcome to my post about longhouses.  Originally longhouses were homes for some indigenous communities. Characteristics of longhouses: They are brown and very long. They also have fireplaces, food storage, Holes in the roof, and the beds are even on the wall. The fireplaces are often used to cook food. Indigenous people used food storage to keep food during the winter. The holes in the roof are to keep the smoke out when the fireplace is running. In my opinion, longhouses are very convenient because often, multiple people live in the longhouse at once.

Here is a picture of the longhouse I designed.

My Speech On Blooket


Hello, I’m Rachel and welcome to my speech on Blooket.

Blooket is an educational game where there are many different game modes.

You can choose to make your own sets or use other people’s sets.


Body paragraph 1

Different blooks:

There are many different blooks in Blooket. A blook is a square character that you can use as your character when joining a game. I almost have them all, but the ones I don’t have are really hard to get.

You can get blooks in boxes which you can get in the market.

The different boxes are:

  1. Medieval box
  2. Breakfast box
  3. Space box
  4. Wonderland box

Body paragraph 2

Different game modes:

I will talk about some of the different game modes in blooket:


Gold quest: You answer questions correctly to choose a chest you and can get: lose 50% of your gold, lose 25% of your gold, 10-100 + gold, Double gold, triple gold, and swap gold with another player.


Tower defence

Defend your tower by placing down different characters: Lazer Chick, Owl Sniper, Nutty Squirrel, Splashy Goldfish, Pig Bomber, Archer Elf, Flame Dragon, Spark Wizard, Rocket Unicorn, Freeze Penguin, The King, and Helpful Jester.


Crazy kingdom

Answer questions and build your kingdom. Also, make sure to keep your resources, people, their happiness and your gold above zero. But watch out! Bad choices will cost you



Get blooks and upgrade them to get more money. Don’t forget to glitch other player’s screens with glitches!


Body paragraph 3

You should play blooket:


Many kids AND adults use blooket as a learning tool! Thousands of sets to choose from and many game modes to play! It’s the best learning tool EVER.



You should play blooket it can help you learn the fun way!


Thank you for listening to my speech,

                                                                 –  💙 Kitkat 💙


Rocks and minerals

Hello! Today I’m doing a blog post on rocks and minerals.

I’m going to be telling you about:





And slate



So let’s get started with:


Basalt is an igneous rock. Igneous rocks are natural rocks that come from the earth. In this case, basalt is 90% of the earth!

Let’s move on to:


Marble is a metamorphic rock. A metamorphic rock is a rock that can only form when sedimentary rocks or igneous rocks are heated. marble comes in many forms. some people like the rock just as it is, and others want counters or flooring.


Now finally…


Just like marble, slate is metamorphic. People want slate for tiles, flooring, and even roofing.


Thank you for reading my blog make sure to read the next one!


My science project- flagpole

Hi! My science project is the flagpole.

My pulley system is a fixed pulley. A fixed pulley is a pulley that stays still while moving an object:

Here is my sketch of a fixed pulley:

My hypothesis:

I think it will be strong and so that if I make a mistake, it will be broken.

My procedure:

  1. I made the flagpole
  2. I made 4 walls
  3. I painted
  4. I made decorations
  5. I made some furniture.

here are my Results:

Finally, my conclusion



Thanks for reading see you next time.💗💙




Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Today, I will be telling you about the book tales of a fourth grade nothing by Judy Bloom.

Here are the characters

Peter Hatcher

Fudge (Farley Drexel Hatcher)

Warren hatcher (Peters dad)

Peters mom

Sheila Tubman

Jimmy Fargo

Dribble (Turtle)

Peter won Dribble at Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party. fudge loved him! in chapter 2, Mr. and Ms. Yarby came to stay at the Hatcher’s and fudge annoyed them so much Peters’s dad lost the juicy-o clients. In chapter 3, fudge stopped eating! the family tried everything. eventually, fudge wanted to be a dog! then peters dad got fed up about fudges monkey business and got Fudge in trouble. In chapter 4 fudge was being babysat by Sheila, Jimmy, and Peter, but Fudge thought he was a bird and tried to fly but got hurt and knocked out his front two teeth.

Here’s my book rating:


It’s a great book, but to get to the good parts, you need to read A lot.

Finally, I think that this book would be good for grades 3-5 because there is a fair amount of reading in the book.

Meow, the cat pet blog

Hi! the KitKat is back! Today I will tell you about meow the cat pet

The Extention:

The extension is about a cat dog or another animal that walks across the screen you can turn it on or off. you can also turn his talking on or off. You also need to make meow happy and feed him or else eventually he’ll die.

link to Extention.

Meow playground:

Meow playground is where all the action happens. you can talk to other players, Do dodgeball and tag and other stuff.

here’s the link to meow playground.


There are a bunch of skins

Meow, howy dog, tigri shorty, milky, darky, Shiba, husky, siamese cat, cheetah cat, dalmation, calico cat, pug dog, piggy, wildy, cow, panda, koala, penguin, corgi, fox, red panda, and lion.


The sandbox. it is a sandbox. the garden. you can plant seeds. The mine. you get a higher chance of diamonds. town center. daily draw, VIP room, and marketplace. royalty premium luxury comfort basic and economy houses. They are houses. Clouder search. you look for clouders. snowbox war. you throw snowballs. entertainment center. the theatre and club.


clouders are a group of people who can win rewards from playing dodgeball and tag. The top clouders are:

_SKYCLAN_, FrUiTs UnU, ErRoR 404, and shield. My and my friend animalgirla’s clouder is Called Xx_Animal_Myths_xX.

Other links

Meow playground wordwall

Meow wiki

Names not too miss:

Grumpy_Mayor: the creator of meow

Xx_grasshopper_xX: the leader of animal myths


Oopsie_Poopsie: grumpy mayors sister