Rocks and minerals

Hello! Today I’m doing a blog post on rocks and minerals.

I’m going to be telling you about:





And slate



So let’s get started with:


Basalt is an igneous rock. Igneous rocks are natural rocks that come from the earth. In this case, basalt is 90% of the earth!

Let’s move on to:


Marble is a metamorphic rock. A metamorphic rock is a rock that can only form when sedimentary rocks or igneous rocks are heated. marble comes in many forms. some people like the rock just as it is, and others want counters or flooring.


Now finally…


Just like marble, slate is metamorphic. People want slate for tiles, flooring, and even roofing.


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My science project- flagpole

Hi! My science project is the flagpole.

My pulley system is a fixed pulley. A fixed pulley is a pulley that stays still while moving an object:

Here is my sketch of a fixed pulley:

My hypothesis:

I think it will be strong and so that if I make a mistake, it will be broken.

My procedure:

  1. I made the flagpole
  2. I made 4 walls
  3. I painted
  4. I made decorations
  5. I made some furniture.

here are my Results:

Finally, my conclusion



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The tuning fork experiment

Howdy! It’s me again. Kitkat. This is a blog about my science experiment called the tuning fork.

Here are the materials:

  • a cup
  • tape
  • salt
  • tuning fork

You put to take the tape on the cup and put salt on the cup. then you hit the tuning fork on your shoe and hit it on the salt.

To change it to water

Remove the salt and tape and fill the cup with water. Here is my video:


Kitkat’s science blog!

I am writing a blog post about transparent light.

Here are 3 facts I learned about transparent light:

  • transparent is a fancy word for see-through.
  • an example of a transparent object is a window
  • another example is a plastic bag


In class, we did an experiment to investigate this topic. The experiment was called transparent translucent opaque

Now I will explain what we did:

We made some sort of window with construction paper (opaque), some tissue paper (translucent), and see-through wrap (transparent).

Here is a picture of my experiment: