Mayan technology – Explore Science and Technology in the Mayan times compared to now.

I have studied Mayan technology and discoveries like chocolate.

The Mayan civilization used and created many pieces of technology including the calendar, writing, and math.

The first one I will share with you is chocolate. This is different from today because chocolate in the Mayan times was liquid and chocolate right now is solid. However, both chocolates were made from cacao beans. 

The second one is the calendar. This is different because the calendar today is used with numbers and they use signs. 

Mayan advancements in technology tell us how the Mayans used things to use for life. We can learn about Mayan technology because people dig it up and Google uses it for their pictures and webs.

Chichen Itza



Mincraft blog

By KitKat (and with help from bob mcbobberson)
Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog post about Minecraft! Let’s get started with a guide!
You either spawn on land or you spawned on an island in the sea.
So the first thing you should do is look for trees. You break the wood to get it. Now go to your inventory and craft some wooden planks. Use the wooden planks to craft a crafting table.

Now the crafting table is a super important item. Assuming the suns going down soon I think you should craft a bed, build a house if you have enough time or if it’s night really soon just build a tall tower. Now that it’s daytime build a house(if you haven’t already), you should build one. Make sure your house has everything you’ll need!
Look for some cobblestone for a furnace.
Now you should look for some iron for an iron pickaxe
Next, explore a little to find a cave.

Warning! Never dig straight down because you can encounter hostile mobs, or fall in the lava.
You might find some diamond gold lapis lazuli(you can use that for enchanting.)
Now for your trip to the nether. Now, craft a diamond pickaxe.

Look for the unbuilt nether portal.
Craft a bucket, fill it with water, find lava and empty the bucket to get more obsidian. You make a square of obsidian then light it up with flint and steel.

Now you’re in the nether after you go through. Take a look. As you should see the nether is dangerous.
Try to find the nether fortress.

Try to find blaze kill, and kill as much as you can at the mob spawner.
Remember to bring gold as the piglins will hit you if you don’t
have gold should also look for a bastion that has tons of loot.
On your trip to the nether, you can get netherite armour and netherite weapons.

After that strip mine, and find as many diamonds as possible.
You should get an enchanting table, try to get fortune or silk touch on your diamond pick.
With all those diamonds make diamond armour it takes 24 diamonds.
Now it is time for the hunt for ender pearls.

You will notice that you will get a lot of ender pearls.
Combine those ender pearls with blaze powder, to make ender eyes
Throw those eyes of ender to find the stronghold.
Once it goes down you find the end portal and fill it up with ender eyes to go to the end though it might take some time.

If you want to do any last-minute things do it.
I think you should:

  • Make a bow and some arrows.
  • Craft an enchanting table and some enchanting books.
  • Get lapis lazuli to enchant.
  • Get some blocks.

Yay! You’ve finally made it to the end.
Now you would want to explode the crystals. ( Use blocks to break the ones with iron bars.)
Then all you want to do is slash slice and punch the dragon to death. Then go through the one by one gateway and find the end city.
Go to the ship find the elytra and loot chests they have awesome loot
After that you might want to upgrade, go to the nether, dig down and bring grass and a sheep and make beds, explode them to uncover netherite.

(don’t forget the dragon head.)
Then make a cool base do anything you want but first kill the wither, and make a huge beacon to instamine with haste 2. If you want a big challenge, turn natural regeneration off.

Mob guide.

Let’s continue on with my mob guide

The creeper was a total mistake! The code was messed up while making the pig
Creepers are dangerous hostile mobs. Not to mention they are also explosive. There is also the charged creeper. Charged creepers are very explosive.

Now let’s move on to the

Zombies are pretty strong and hostile mobs. Zombies can:

  • Pick up armour and weapons.
  • Open wooden doors if the difficulty is set to hard.
  • Turn villagers into zombie villagers.
  • Burn-in day if it’s not wearing helmets.

Zombies are a danger if you’re not prepared. Be careful of where you leave your weapons and armour because they can pick it up.
Time for the…
Skeletons are mobs with bows and arrows. Sometimes they spawn with enchanted bows. When that happens and you’re in survival and not prepared, you’re in trouble!
They also burn in the sunlight like zombies. Occasionally, you can find them riding a spider

Minecraft build inspiration
I get stuck on what to build all the time in Minecraft. Here is inspiration so you won’t.
First things first, make sure you are in creative mode so you won’t run out of materials.

  • A hotel and add villagers for more fun!
  • Try making an ancient structure like I made a Maya pyramid!
  • a giant structure of something.
  • Something you know IRL.
  • A landmark like the CN tower.

Thank you for reading don’t forget to read the next blog💙.