My Speech On Blooket


Hello, I’m Rachel and welcome to my speech on Blooket.

Blooket is an educational game where there are many different game modes.

You can choose to make your own sets or use other people’s sets.


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Different blooks:

There are many different blooks in Blooket. A blook is a square character that you can use as your character when joining a game. I almost have them all, but the ones I don’t have are really hard to get.

You can get blooks in boxes which you can get in the market.

The different boxes are:

  1. Medieval box
  2. Breakfast box
  3. Space box
  4. Wonderland box

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Different game modes:

I will talk about some of the different game modes in blooket:


Gold quest: You answer questions correctly to choose a chest you and can get: lose 50% of your gold, lose 25% of your gold, 10-100 + gold, Double gold, triple gold, and swap gold with another player.


Tower defence

Defend your tower by placing down different characters: Lazer Chick, Owl Sniper, Nutty Squirrel, Splashy Goldfish, Pig Bomber, Archer Elf, Flame Dragon, Spark Wizard, Rocket Unicorn, Freeze Penguin, The King, and Helpful Jester.


Crazy kingdom

Answer questions and build your kingdom. Also, make sure to keep your resources, people, their happiness and your gold above zero. But watch out! Bad choices will cost you



Get blooks and upgrade them to get more money. Don’t forget to glitch other player’s screens with glitches!


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You should play blooket:


Many kids AND adults use blooket as a learning tool! Thousands of sets to choose from and many game modes to play! It’s the best learning tool EVER.



You should play blooket it can help you learn the fun way!


Thank you for listening to my speech,

                                                                 –  💙 Kitkat 💙


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