One of my favourite games on the Nintendo switch is Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


You start the game with Timmy and Tommy, the tanuki twins. they ask you questions like your gender. depending on your answers you will get different villagers. I got Hazel the squirrel and Mac the dog. Then you have to go to the resident’s services after placing your tent/house then you name your island and become the resident rep. Then you have to pay off your moving fee (5000 nook miles).

Then the next day you will have 3 new villagers but before you prepare, you have to build your first bridge.  (I got Ketchup, Gayle who moved out and, Broccolo. you have to craft 6 things each for them before they move in. then you need Nooks Cranny. then you upgrade resident’s services, unlock Isabelle, and get your island to 3 stars.

Then talk to Isabelle and ask for island ratings then a chit chat happens between Isabelle and Tom Nook. then the next day you get your first kk slider concert. You will get welcome horizons. after the song finishes you will get the song and kk will visit your island once every week.

Improving you’re an island

Improving is hard. I am only at 4 stars. Here are some tips to help you with your island.

  • Picking weeds. If you leave a few weeds in one area, it can help your rating
  • Placing furniture. Furniture helps your rating because it looks good and that’s the whole point.
  • Leaving some nature. Nature is good- you need it because it looks good.
  • Put extra people on your island. It won’t help your rating but it will look nice.
  • Add villagers. Villagers increase your rating-you won’t increase from 1 star until you have a certain amount of villagers.

custom designs

you can put custom designs on the ground. You can be really creative and make your own or use someone else’s.


My questions for you

Whos your fav villager?

If you could download this game, would you?

pls consider answering in the comments

Thanks for reading don’t forget to read the next one💜.



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